The Infrastructure

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The infrastructure is composed of one rack that supports the computing units. These elements must be realized using “STL” files and a 3D printer.

The computer units will be networked via a network switch, and make sure that they are sufficiently powered.

3D models

full pack

Download the full pack - ZIP file

The screws

I use standard screws found on PCs and laptops.


Drilling: 2 mm - 4 screws: M2.5 x 6 or 7 mm (Can be found in laptops).

Side faces

8 assembly screws for PC housings (Screws 6-32)

The network

If you use the network switch holder, you will need to manufacture or purchase 6 25-cm Ethernet wires. The Raspberry PI3 have a 100mbps Ethernet card and the Rock64 have a 1000Mbps card. To achieve the network throughput of 1000Mbps, you will need to use Cat5E or Cat6 wires. In the case of 100Mbps use, Cat5 category wires are sufficient.

network switch support

The rack fits on the network switch holder.

The power supply

The Raspberry PI3 and Rock64 use 5V power supplies. Caution: You should be able to supply 2.1 Amperes to each of the Raspberry PI3s and 2.4 Amperes to each of the Rock64s. The worst solution is to connect a separate power supply to each of the units, you will end up with cables of 1.5 meters minimum (to wind, cut, and connect!). I use this type of power supply (5V/10 Amperes minimum, 4 Raspberry PI3 connected, no problem is to be reported) to which I connect the USB cables I manufacture to the right size (you will find the necessary on ALI Express)

6 Port Power Supply

The best solution would be to use a PC power supply. This project is under consideration….

And the last one provided by the sponsor ALBATROS INFORMATIQUE, 10 ports 2.5 Amps per output. It can power a MytinyDC of 6 units (4 Raspberry PI3 - 2 Rock64 of which one is equipped with a USB3 hard disk) and the 100Mb network switch (I very simply designed a USB/Jack cable), I never have any alerts about the SUB-Voltage. WARNING Not enough to power Raspberry PI4 (3 amp required).

10-port power supply

See the specifications of this power supply ( !!!! external unsponsored link, just for information)

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