Expose Datacenter services on the Internet

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In my case, I have chosen:

  • To isolate the “Mytinydc” Datacenter from the external network, which means that all incoming and outgoing traffic from the Datacenter network passes through a single firewall, that the Datacenter has a complete network management system (DNS, DHCP, FIREWALL).
  • Not to expose my Datacenter through my Internet box (See the post on this subject).

Datacenter Isolation

This makes it completely independent of its external environment. Even if it is disconnected from the Internet, it continues to operate normally and will still be reachable from your local network (home) . If you place your documents on a server that does not belong to you, and your Internet connection is inactive, you will not be able to work.

This also allows, in relation to my choice of Internet exposure, to be able to move it anywhere and at any time, or even to connect it to the Internet via my 4G phone.

Internet exposure

I chose Internet exposure through a VPS server hosted by a Cloud provider (3€/month). My Datacenter is connected to it via a VPN (Virtual private network) connection.
The VPS is only used to route network traffic to my Datacenter from the Internet. Like me, you can share this VPS with others, to divide the invoice. A VPS with 1 CPU is sufficient, its work will only consist in routing packets to the appropriate VPN networks and encrypting/decrypting communications. This choice of exhibition solves three major problems related to self-hosting:

  • Floating ip address of your internet provider,
  • NAT settings issue on your internet box,
  • Detection of high traffic carried out by the provider’s data center (dDos attack).


This practice raises considerable debate. I have chosen to host my data to have full control over it. But self-hosting has a cost and cannot be improvised. Be aware that you can outsource the exposure of your data center to professionals and manage its content yourself, what you do in your data center is up to you. When I don’t know how to do it, I prefer to pay a professional. This process allows you to be bound to the latter through a contract, which is directly enforceable in court, unlike all the free services offered on the Internet. The notion of cost is related to your knowledge. If you know how to manage a server, you will be able to start and manage a VPS hosted by a supplier, it is 3€/month, to which you add the price of a backup space for the data in your Datacenter (5€/month for 500GB). You can share the VPS with other users, and thus reduce the invoice. The authorized monthly network traffic is 20TB, which leaves a lot of margin:). As an indication, with a Nextcloud and a private messaging system (Matrix) with 10 users, the monthly consumption is 15GB, or a remaining delta of ( 20000 - 15) = 19985 GB :)

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