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As mentioned in the December 2019 post, the static website (Hugo) has been hosted on a rapsberryPi3 for over 5 months. I had indicated my wish to provide some telemetry data to allow everyone to estimate the resources needed to host a site in this category.
Since December 2019, the situation has changed. Visited at that time by 3000 Visitors/month, the website has since doubled its audience, it is referenced in the “Installation Guide” page of the foundation “”.


Statistics are for the month of April 2020 only. I definitely lost the previous data due to a problem I encountered with influxDB, connected to Prometheus and hosted on a Rock64. I will restart the “InfluxDB” installation on a Raspberry PI4 . In the meantime, it looks like this:


You can see that the system is far from saturated. This experience makes it possible to present concrete figures, which are difficult to obtain as the companies are so discreet on this subject.
Hosting your website on a RaspberryPi3 is indeed a reality.


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