Provisioning the Redis service

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Redis is a service is an extremely powerful key-value database management system. article wikipedia. I use it for storing Nextcloud PHP sessions.


Connected root :

apt update
sudo apt install redis-server


Generate a password, which will allow customers to authenticate themselves. You can use the package “apg” (apt install apg). This password will have to be provided to all customers requiring access to this service.

Modify the configuration file : /etc/redis/redis.conf

supervised systemd
# I want this service to listen on all network interfaces
# Remplace this line : bind ::1
# with 
bind *
# Add this line
requirepass [Generated password]

Restart the service : systemctl restart redis

Functional test

Redis has a “redis-cli” command line client

redis-cli> auth [Generated password]
## Add key/value> set test 1
## Read key> get test
"1"> quit

The service is working properly.

If your server has a firewall, open port TCP/6379

Information to be provided to customers

  • HOST : [server IP address]
  • PORT: 6379 (default) You can change this value by modifying the configuration file /etc/redis/redis.conf, attribut : “port”
  • PASSWORD : [Generated password]

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