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Mytinydc-Openvpn is a web application for managing one or more “Openvpn” networks:

  • User management (creation, revocations),
  • presentation of connection traces by user,
  • and some usage statistics.


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To install it, go to Gitlab located here. (French language only)

Problems encountered

When the “OPENVPN servers” service has several networks (configurations), the start order of these services is given by “systemd”. This order is not predictable.
Each “OPENVPN” service will have an independent “tun” interface. Its configuration is indicated by the parameter “dev” (Example: “dev tun”). In a standard configuration (“dev tun”), the system assigns the first available tun interface (the first service started gets “tun0” and so on…). Associating Firewall rules with the interface therefore quickly becomes unmanageable, due to the random assignment of the “tun” interface. To solve this problem, simply set the value of the parameter “dev” : “dev tun0”. Each configuration must have a different interface “dev tun1”, “dev tun2”, etc…

dev tunX | tapX | null

# TUN/TAP virtual network device ( Xcan be omitted for a dynamic device.)See examples section
# below for an example on setting up a TUN device.
# You must use either tun devices on both ends of the connection or tap
# devices on both ends. You cannot mix them, as they represent different underlying protocols.
# tun devices encapsulate IPv4 while tap devices encapsulate ethernet 802.3.

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