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  • dHENRY
  • 05/01/2022
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Happy new year to you all.

The development of the manager is progressing, I have focused on the API and testing. The product allows to write Debian images for Raspberry, to launch post-installation operations and to integrate the server to the datacenter.

The most complicated part was to automate the first server of the datacenter, which I named “Infra server”.

The roadmap is here :

  • The first step is to install the DEBIAN system on the Datacenter servers.

The second step will allow the installation of the “Network” part of the Datacenter, in this order:

  • DNS - Domain Name System service
  • DHCP - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol service
  • main Router/Firewall
  • VPN access service to the Datacenter

Datacenter-wide add-ons:

  • OSSEC service
  • Mail service (exim - dovecot)
  • Introduction of Wireguard vpn (abandon Openvpn)
  • Datacenter connection to an external load balancer (Haproxy server)

All these procedures are now fully automated through a web interface.

So I kept the fact that Mytinydc can be moved easily, from one connection to another. Its external interface is still in DHCP, while the Datacenter is still in fixed IP (managed DHCP).

Concerning the Manager (Mytinydcim), I focused on the automated tests of the API (94% coverage, 400++ unit tests). The code is currently being optimised for release at the end of January.

This version allows to create SD cards and to execute the post-installation of an Infra server, “basic” servers and the connection of the Datacenter to an external loadBalancer (VPN Wireguard).

The next steps will be :

  • Deploying :
    • Glusterfs storage server (and/or Ceph)
    • Postgresql/Redis database server
    • kubernetes servers (master/workers)
  • DNS/DHCP management
  • HAPROXY rules management
  • Firewall management
  • NetData integration
  • […]

For the GUI part, I use Reactjs/Redux and the PrimeReact framework, despite my good will, design is still not part of my culture :), so I did what I consider the best. I was strongly inspired by the Manager proposed by Hetzner.

And… Still no deadline :)

Enjoy +++

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