News January 2021

  • dHENRY
  • 26/01/2021
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Happy New Year to all of you, and may COVID19 disappear forever.

I switched the raspberry PI3’s for PI4’s, all units are running 64 bits now.

State of migration to Kubernetes :

  • Creation of a Glusterfs storage server
  • Creation of a Posgresql/MongoDB database server
  • Installation of a cluster “Kubernetes”.
  • Nextcloud migration
  • Matrix migration
  • Create your Private Docker registry
  • BackupPC migration
  • Trudesk migration
  • Website hosting migration - PHP7 support
  • Awstats migration
  • Expose K8s cluster services
  • Datacenter Firewall Security - Ossec Installation
  • Datacenter monitoring (Prometheus/Grafana)

The documentation will be put online very quickly.


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