News April 2020

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We’ve been confined for 14 days, teleworking has become a standard. The company I work for provides training. This period is ideal for testing a distance learning solution. My choice was Big Blue Button.

This test is about 2 conferences, in “classroom” conditions, less than 8 learners, and I advise to respect this limit because the trainer will have to manage the small material problems of each one (audio, webcam, use of the application, internet connection…).

The purpose of this test was to check that this solution can be adapted to online training and not to find the limits of the server. The learners had 4G lines, ADSL (end of line), ADSL (good quality), VDSL and optical fiber.

The product is very easy to handle, 2 hours for the trainer seems to be enough. The conditions for preparing a training course in this framework remain the same as a “classroom” training.

However, you will need to prepare and present a “slide” at the beginning of the session explaining the use of the solution to the learners:

  • Use of the chat,
  • Use “Shared Notes”,
  • Multi-user drawing tool,
  • Starting the webcam on the learner’s side,
  • Use of the survey,
  • Full Screen/Normal Passage,
  • In an advanced setting, show listeners how to share their screen…
  • Respect for privacy.

The solution supports the presentation of images, files in PDF format, but prefer presentations in Libre Office IMPRESS/Microsoft PowerPoint [**] format, which will remain well adapted to the display. If you use PDF files, prepare them in A4 landscape format.

[**] Libre Office IMPRESS: free open source presentation solution, Microsoft PowerPoint: fee-based proprietary presentation solution.

Server Specifications

UBUNTU Virtual Machine (LTS 16.04), entirely dedicated to the “Big Blue Button” solution.

Element Values
Hosting HETZNER Germany
Network 1Gbps

(*) Test environment provided by the sponsor Albatros Informatique


1st conference

  • 7 learners (4 listening only - 3 open microphones)
  • 1 Presenter (1 microphone + 1 webcam)
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • No technical problems encountered

CPU usage

2nd conference

  • 1 learner (1 microphone)
  • 1 Presenter ( 1 microphone + 1 webcam)
  • No screen sharing
  • Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
  • No technical problems encountered

Peak use

The last peak corresponds to an infinite view screen sharing, a situation obtained when you share the Bib Blue Button tab.


The product runs very well, the audio quality is very good.
This product is to be used in a Training/Presentation, entirely led by the Presenter.
The number of functionalities is sufficient, but beware of Screen/Application sharing, which consumes a lot of bandwidth. In this case, the presenter should have a good ADSL line but prefer at least a VDSL line. The most comfortable will remain a fiber. On the learner’s side, an ADSL or 4G line is sufficient.

What we appreciated: easy installation on the server side with a rich documentation, good audio quality, nothing to install on the presenter/learner side, no technical problems encountered during the conferences.

Tests were performed on PC with Firefox, Chrome and Chromium and an IPAD APPLE.

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