News August 2021

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The manager (MytinyDCIM) is currently a POC in two versions, V3 is a complete rewrite focused on automation (mytinydc-automation).

Road Map

I started from scratch, with a NodeJS server for the api, 100% of the functionalities will be accessible via the API.

The first developments concern the architecture of the API server (Swagger), the integration of the automaton, and the development of the GUI (Reactjs/Redux).

MytinyDCIM will be located outside the Datacenter (docker), which will allow to have the control from the outside in case of a server failure. MytinyDCIM is connected by VPN to the datacenter.

The provisioning of the first server consists in installing :

  • the DNS/DHCP service
  • the VPN service
  • the loadbalancer (Haproxy)
  • the Router/Firewall service
  • the Mytinydc-automation service
  • the main mail service
  • the OSSEC service (intrusion detection)

Trying to make it as simple as possible, these services will be provisioned automatically and can of course be moved after the installation of several servers…

Given the new capabilities of the Raspberry PI4, a provisioning from a bootp is under consideration.

And after testing the Debian distribution for Raspberry (kubernetes cluster), it is becoming our favorite distribution - []. I thank Gunnar WOLF for his willingness to help.



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