Using ElementX with Matrix

  • dHENRY
  • 10/11/2023
  • (Reading time : 1 mn)

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ElementX is showing its face… I’ll let you discover.

To take advantage of the new features, you’ll need to follow the installation procedure. available here.

Once everything is ok with this new service, test access by typing the service url into your browser, and you should get the message: “404 page not found”, this indicates that the service is indeed exposed.

So far so good, it’s the last part that needs explaining: exposing “.well-known/matrix/client”!!!!

It’s all there, when all you had to do was read the Matrix documentation, on Matrix server configuration parameters (homeserver.yml).

You’ll need to enter the public access URL for your service, and the information specified in the proxy installation documentation:

public_baseurl: "https://[your matrix server domain]"
    url: "https://[your new syncv3 domain]"

Save the new configuration, restart Matrix, open your browser and enter the url: “https://[your matrix server domain]/.well-known/matrix/client”, you should get a response similar to :

  "m.homeserver": {
    "base_url": "https://[your matrix server domain]"
  "org.matrix.msc3575.proxy": {
    "url": "https://[your new syncv3 domain]"

You can use ElementX…


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