Upgrade fluent-bit/bullseye,now 2.0.5 arm64

  • dHENRY
  • 24/11/2022
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I update the fluent-bit agents of all the servers of the cluster, I open “Kibana” to check that the servers continue to send their logs to Elastic… no logs coming !!!

The file “/var/log/daemon.log” displays a continuous sequence of :

Nov 21 xx:xx:xx xxxx fluent-bit[552]: [0] cpu.local: [1669021738.640520055, {"cpu_p"=>0.750000, "user_p"=>0.250000, "system_p"=>0.500000, "cpu0.p_cpu"=>2.
000000, "cpu0.p_user"=>1.000000, "cpu0.p_system"=>1.000000, "cpu1.p_cpu"=>2.000000, "cpu1.p_user"=>1.000000, "cpu1.p_system"=>1.000000, "cpu2.p_cpu"=>0.
000000, "cpu2.p_user"=>0.000000, "cpu2.p_system"=>0.000000, "cpu3.p_cpu"=>0.000000, "cpu3.p_user"=>0.000000, "cpu3.p_system"=>0.000000}]

My servers had the version “fluent-bit:arm64 1.9.8” for an upgrade to “fluent-bit:arm64 2.0.5”. The “Release Notes” does indicate a major change, and of course I didn’t read it!!!

The cause:

The Fluent-bit agent update simply replaced the configuration files, with those from the new version.

A reinstallation of the configuration files followed by a restart of all agents solved the problem.


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