Wirow: Videoconference - webinar

  • dHENRY
  • 23/05/2022
  • (Reading time : 1 mn)

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New discovery this week: Wirow for completely private video conferencing.

You host absolutely everything, and the solution runs on RaspberryPI (PI4 - 4GB).

Everything fits in a docker container, a single executable.

The first tests showed some lags on the video but no lags on the audio (possibility to adjust the codec).

The interface is simple (as we like).
The compilation went smoothly (ARM64 and X86), you just have to be patient for the Raspberry.

Be careful, if you don’t master the techniques of exposing network services on the Internet, it could be very complicated.

Further tests in progress…

Wirow is a real alternative to Jitsi, which I never finished installing on Raspberry, because it is so tedious.

Thanks to all the Wirow team.


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