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This application was born from a reflection on automation see this post and allows to create re-running robots. The writing syntax is the one used to write Bash shells, so very explicit for a system administrator. Here is an example of a PLC, concerning the update of a Debian server. The PLC is divided into 4 control lines:

apt-get update
export DEBIAN_FRONTEND=non-interactive
apt-get -y upgrade
apt-get -y autoremove

The interpreter will be responsible for detecting any errors encountered.

Run the interpreter that takes in parameters :

  • the above script (PLC)
  • the host(s) concerned (IP addresses and/or FQDN names) concerned.

Once the execution of the PLC has been completed, an automation report is presented. The processing operations on each of the servers concerned are run in parallel.

The available PLCs are:

  • Creation of a database and user for Mysql/MariaDB,
  • installation of a wordpress application with its Vhost for apache2,
  • installation of an apache2 and Php7.3 server,
  • updating a Debian system,
  • installation of the Nodejs service LTS version,

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